Peter August 22nd, 2020

Hey Auntie Mo! I remember being maybe 6 or 7 and you talking me through a map of the world. It was probably at that point I knew I wanted to see it all. Every single country. You'd test me on flags (I got 12 out of 12 on a pub quiz round on flags recently and I credited you then), and you talked to me about Brazil, and South America. "Stan, Stan the ambulance man". "Carling Black Table". Birdworld. You were a big part of my childhood, and a big part of my curiosity about the world. It's been a while since we hung out. But I regularly think of you and Stan and the fun I had with you as a little lad. A friend of mine was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last year, and we're doing a 100km charity walk for the Pancreatic Cancer UK next weekend. We've raised £10k so far. I'll be thinking of you the whole way round. Much love to Stan, Rachel, Liz et al. Thinking of you all! xx